MWC Year in Review: 2017

How do we live out our Anabaptist identity? On World Fellowship Sunday, share this video about how MWC helped our churches around the world in 2017. Click here.

Mennonites speak against nationalism

“Nationalism is on the rise in many parts of the world,” says Juerg Braeker. "Mennonites, because of their view of the relationship between church and state, should be better equipped to point out the dangers of nationalism.” Click here.

World Fellowship Sunday 2018

The Mennonite World Conference regional representatives from Africa prepared worship resource materials for World Fellowship Sunday 2018. Click here.


Retired pastor still learning about Jesus and his people

Serving during World War II, “I never had to shoot anyone,” Cornelsen says. Working with the Red Cross, his job was recovery: “We rescued everyone, regardless. I felt good as a Christian in this type of service.” Click here.