MWC Year in Review: 2017

How do we live out our Anabaptist identity? On World Fellowship Sunday, share this video about how MWC helped our churches around the world in 2017. Click here.

MWC responds in solidarity to disasters

Mennonite World Conference and Mennonite organizations collaborated to live out faith with unified action in response to disasters that struck members of the global Anabaptist family this year. Click here.

World Fellowship Sunday 2018

The Mennonite World Conference regional representatives from Africa prepared worship resource materials for World Fellowship Sunday 2018. Click here.


Healing by the Spirit

The pastor finished the prayer, and then said, “There is a woman in the outside tent who has been having severe pain in her feet; the Lord has healed you. Please come forward and give your testimony.” At that moment, the woman whom Tesfa thought had been possessed started to go forward. Click here.