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Click here to access directoryThis directory, compiled by Mennonite World Conference, includes churches that are rooted in the 16th century Radical Reformation in Europe, particularly in the Anabaptist movement. This faith family includes more than 1.7 million baptized believers in 243 national conferences of churches in 83 countries.

The totals by continental region are: Africa 38.3%, Asia and Pacific 17.8%, Europe 3.6%, Latin America and the Caribbean 10.5%, North America 29.8%. About two-thirds of the baptized believers are African, Asian or Latin American.

In this directory, 101 of the national conferences of churches in 57 countries are identified as members or associate members of Mennonite World Conference. These Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches include 1.28 million baptized believers, which represent 72.5% of the total in the global faith family. The percentage of Mennonite World Conference membership on each continental region is noted on the maps at the beginning of each section.

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From the Mennonite World Review, 4 March 2013. PDF file or on the MWR website